travel responsibly

What makes a traveller responsible? How can you reduce your impact on the environment and communities when you go on holidays?

My passion is for tourism and sustainability. Many years of experience in the hospitality and tourism industry in Australia, and a little in the UK, have built my knowledge in sustainable and responsible tourism. My role in online marketing takes these factors into consideration.

I believe that everyone has a responsibility to take care when they’re travelling; being mindful of the impact you leave on a place and its people will help to give everyone a good experience.

If you want to read more about responsible travel, ConCERT Cambodia is an organisation who is leading the way on “Connecting Community, Environment and Responsible Tourism”.

My first article is about markets. Fun, right? Yes they are! Markets are an excellent way to channel your travel dollars to the right places and have a positive effect on local communities. Read more about markets and responsible travel.

My articles on sustainable travel result from post-graduate studies in tourism and my own travel experiences. I seek advice from other travellers and professionals in sustainable tourism to continue to learn; I hope to share these insights and inspire you to be a responsible traveller too.


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