adventures in cambodia

a week of transition

It was momentous watching the Australian coastline disappear from my view from the plane window and then as our big country became distant from the little plane on the flight path image.

My first senses of Thailand were walking up the aerobridge at Bangkok airport. The smell and the humidity made me smile as I remembered my last visit (see my post from last time: Wat?). It’s a funny airport, huge but sparse and some bad luck for me that I was unable to use my lounge pass due to it being renovated. I found a mini pub in a food court and entertained myself by having a G&T while I waited for my connecting flight to CM.

I’m extremely grateful for this time in Chiang Mai, it’s been an absolute blessing. My friend met me at the airport and played host for two full days, which meant the only thing I had to think about was what to eat, you already know what the answer was!

I’ve spent time online trying to be productive, time trying to wrap up a couple of things in Sydney and time wandering around the city. I’ve also managed a yoga class, a bit of reading, a visit to a swimming pool, a night at a jazz club, lots of time chilling in the backyard, lots of eating and drinking and made a new friend, well three if you include the rabbit and the cat!

Riding side-saddle on a scooter was a first for me, it’s quite good! It also makes it possible to wear a skirt without flashing the world. I felt like a total princess! The ride ended up at a look-out from the mountains over Chiang Mai, it was extremely beautiful and serene.

Yesterday I was on my own! It was raining it’s heart out and so I caught a couple of song tao’s to get around, I even got to ride up front on one trip, very cool. I revisited some favourite places; Bird’s Nest cafe where I ate and read and Wild Rose Yoga for a pretty strong 2 hour vinyasa session.

I’ve been bitten, sunburnt and eaten some dubious chicken (?) skewers and I’m feeling good. Tomorrow is TEDx and on Monday I’ve booked a trip to the Elephant Nature Park.

Bye for now.

adventures in cambodia

ready to go

Whether I’m ready or not, in less that 48 hours I will be in transit to Thailand where I will stay until the end of the month.

I’ll be staying in Chiang Mai and be prioritising yoga and noodles. I’ll also attend the TEDx Chiang Mai conference while I’m there, it’s actually my main motivation to stop back in CM (the yoga and noodles are a bonus ;-)).

Following CM, I’m heading to Siem Reap and then the real adventures will begin…