benefits of market shopping

Next time you think you’ll just avoid the market on site at a tourist attraction, think again.

Maybe it’s marginally more expensive than other places but these markets provide a very important and valuable contribution to the local community in which they reside.

Having an established market site for workers in the area to sell their products helps bring the community to a known location for work. It helps reduce street side spruiking and can help reduce begging or people trying to sell to you while you’re in a cafe or restaurant at a different location.

As a traveller, if you help support local markets benefits can include:

  • helping the local economy
  • regulate pricing of goods by supporting a competitive market place
  • reducing the need for locals to seek other avenues to make money

The other thing I’ve found when following this advice is that most of the time the food is some of the best. Once you’ve been lured in by someone to their stall or restaurant, you no longer get pounced on by other market stall holders.

I love markets, do you?


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