all that glitters…

I start as a tourist when I embarked on a new life in Sydney and the first image that sticks in my mind is all the glittering lights as I flew into Sydney.

There have been highs and lows but for the most part some really good things have happened and some really wonderful people have been met.

I tackled Sydney with a relaxed attitude, a promise to say yes and (beloved) Google Maps!! I am overwhelmed by the generosity of some people… and the lack of others.

I have discovered some favourite things and I’m sure the list will grow. If you’ve read my other travel tales you’ll know how much I love coffee. Well, reputably the best coffee in Sydney is right on my doorstep! The Single Origin Roasters are SO good. They have a cool spot, awesome food and uber cool people – lucky me!

Wicked noodles! I’ve always loved Asian food, but since going to Chiang Mai and learning how to cook Thai food, I seem to be quite obsessed with noodles. I found the best place the other day, near Paddy’s Market, called Lao City Thai. The Pad Se Uw was a little sweet for my taste but I think I’ll just ask them to tone it down next time. The place was a simple little diner, lovely staff, who apologised that I ‘had’ to sit outside… yeah it was a busy road, but I’ll take outside any day! This is enough and it is also one of the cheap places to eat in Sydney, not many of these but I intend to discover more! Love it!

Whiskey or cocktails? One of these places has to be my favourite but at the moment I can’t decide. Is the Wild Rover with their great whiskey list, awesomely friendly staff (offline and online) and buzzing atmosphere the one?

Do the intricately crafted cocktails at Golden Age Cinema and Bar supersede? An art deco cinema bar feel and a quaint cinema for viewing pleasure alongside…

If the promised FourSquare special had been delivered at Wild Rover I think they’d have it, but no hug, no cake… Golden Age is officially my favourite bar.

So there have been Barossa pop up bars, cinema themed bars and whiskey, performances at the Sydney Opera House, strolls over Sydney Harbour Bridge and breakfasts in Bondi… things are off to a grand start.

I’m sure I’ll lose my tourist perspective soon but hope that I’ll continue to have this much fun!


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